Friday, April 25, 2008

absolutely nothing


its been some time i had written something impulsively so i just named this post 'absolutely nothing' coz i dont have nothing to write.... also earlier today i had complaints from a dear fren from college who was from a place north of my home town and he didnt read 'paite', the language i use for writing the previous 2 posts. so here i am having absolutely nothing to say but scribbling off as usual, this time in english... and hey the thought are pouring in.

i'm just back from dinner at a small restaurant called koyla in brigade road, b'lore. was out with the gang frm office. its a ritual, something that we do obsessively almost every weekend to mark a week gone by.

we had a dude here affectionately called 'nigga' and he was our trusted guide to all the hangouts in bangalore, so we were off to some new place every weekend. now he's transfered to hotter places.. (delhi), to throw his charm on the kudis there.... anyway, so we continue this tradition and today we ended up at this small and relatively unknown place right next to the music shop 'gibson' . any ol'timer in bangalore will know where this place is.... its across the street from 'All Saints' church in Richmond road.

after a few minutes standing outside the guitar shop i was tempted to try out the acoustics guitars there (the unaccomplished guitarist in me), and eventually had a few mins of trial inside this place... so i laid my hands on a chinese guitar 'pluto' and played the regular 3-4 chords i knew.. always start with D, G, A and maybe an attempted Bm and then C just to show off that i know something.. :) a buddy also came to see the guitar and he gave me a few useful pointers on what he felt was a good guitar.... i liked the guitar as it was in color and my mind was telling me that black guitars make the guitarist look more professional.. hehe.. but ya the guitar was sounding good enough and it had pleasant handling and smooth finish... i asked the salesman whether they had any indian brand like signature, hobner, givson etc.. and any other name i could come up with... he said they did not stock any indian brand... it was surprising !! reminded me that the day will not be far when we will eat parathas/ rotis made in china..

ehem.. so much for the guitarist..i had to be back to join two of my colleagues after 2 missed calls and an sms threat of getting me beaten up... like they said 'with frens like these who needs enemies' ...all in gud fun

so to cut a long story short we had really good food... though i had small ulcer on the roof of my mouth..enjoyed the tandoori chicken totally...long live the chicken... and after footing the bill and careful delibrations on how much to tip we departed as good frens to meet again the next week... me and the fren who advised me on the guitar went back on an auto... 1.5 times meter : of course it was after 9.30 pm nearing 10.00 pm...

so here i am back at home writing this blog..though i have more important things to attend to in life.. what the heck... more important things are not always fun... also in IPL cricket tonight Punjab wins agains mumbai...mumbai losses for the second/third time though they fight quite hard...

well got to go now...past midnight and my bedtime.. gud nite and sweet dreams

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