Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I saw these words during my pre-university days back in Bangalore. I was walking to college on a sunny July morning in 1999. The words were written on a sticker pasted on the back of a white van. Since the area around was dominated by Muslims and a few mosques. I’m sure the owner was a devout Muslim.
It made me think and marvel at the Lord’s provision of prayer. It allowed anyone to just whisper a prayer in times of grief, sadness, joy or doubt. It was an instant message that would be answered immediately. Wherever you are and whenever you like you may have a direct contact with God. This line was never clogged, nor were there any annoying answering machine. I immediately made use of this unlimited facility and quietly thanked Him.
In this age of Mobile phones and the Internet, it is almost always possible to contact friends and family. However many times it so happens that the network was busy or down and it was not possible to get through to the other person. It is also required to pay for such a convenient service. Moreover it also depended upon whether the person on the other side was carrying the phone and his connection was complete. Thinking of all this complications, it made me wonder at the simplicity and greatness of prayer.
Prayer, as have been taught in Sunday-school is comparable to breathing. So a believer who does not pray is like a death man. How true. I feel dead in my spiritual life when I have not prayed to my God. The bible says ‘Pray without ceasing’ in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
So, I urge you to make use of this amazing gift from God. Please pray and see the results. You will be blessed by the one who never fails.


hlunguite said...

gel siam pi na hi voi

jpg said...

nuam pan pan eih.. keep it coming, i can see da future..hehe.

lolo said...

hey Siam! good going! and thanks for the reminder. sometimes we get so involved with the world that we forget that this world is not our home!!

Anonymous said...

I guess prayer is not just about asking for something from god; it should be a way to achieve the coveted state of calmness, free of any jealousy and hatred, which is also known as enlightenment or 'nirvana'.