Friday, April 25, 2008

absolutely nothing


its been some time i had written something impulsively so i just named this post 'absolutely nothing' coz i dont have nothing to write.... also earlier today i had complaints from a dear fren from college who was from a place north of my home town and he didnt read 'paite', the language i use for writing the previous 2 posts. so here i am having absolutely nothing to say but scribbling off as usual, this time in english... and hey the thought are pouring in.

i'm just back from dinner at a small restaurant called koyla in brigade road, b'lore. was out with the gang frm office. its a ritual, something that we do obsessively almost every weekend to mark a week gone by.

we had a dude here affectionately called 'nigga' and he was our trusted guide to all the hangouts in bangalore, so we were off to some new place every weekend. now he's transfered to hotter places.. (delhi), to throw his charm on the kudis there.... anyway, so we continue this tradition and today we ended up at this small and relatively unknown place right next to the music shop 'gibson' . any ol'timer in bangalore will know where this place is.... its across the street from 'All Saints' church in Richmond road.

after a few minutes standing outside the guitar shop i was tempted to try out the acoustics guitars there (the unaccomplished guitarist in me), and eventually had a few mins of trial inside this place... so i laid my hands on a chinese guitar 'pluto' and played the regular 3-4 chords i knew.. always start with D, G, A and maybe an attempted Bm and then C just to show off that i know something.. :) a buddy also came to see the guitar and he gave me a few useful pointers on what he felt was a good guitar.... i liked the guitar as it was in color and my mind was telling me that black guitars make the guitarist look more professional.. hehe.. but ya the guitar was sounding good enough and it had pleasant handling and smooth finish... i asked the salesman whether they had any indian brand like signature, hobner, givson etc.. and any other name i could come up with... he said they did not stock any indian brand... it was surprising !! reminded me that the day will not be far when we will eat parathas/ rotis made in china..

ehem.. so much for the guitarist..i had to be back to join two of my colleagues after 2 missed calls and an sms threat of getting me beaten up... like they said 'with frens like these who needs enemies' ...all in gud fun

so to cut a long story short we had really good food... though i had small ulcer on the roof of my mouth..enjoyed the tandoori chicken totally...long live the chicken... and after footing the bill and careful delibrations on how much to tip we departed as good frens to meet again the next week... me and the fren who advised me on the guitar went back on an auto... 1.5 times meter : of course it was after 9.30 pm nearing 10.00 pm...

so here i am back at home writing this blog..though i have more important things to attend to in life.. what the heck... more important things are not always fun... also in IPL cricket tonight Punjab wins agains mumbai...mumbai losses for the second/third time though they fight quite hard...

well got to go now...past midnight and my bedtime.. gud nite and sweet dreams

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MBA le nang - Part 2


MBA zir nang college/ B-School tam pi a om a, himahleh college hoih tak a zawh khiak in thu a paw mah mah hi. College hoih deuhten industry tawh kizopna hoih tak, heutu siam tak leh experience tam tak neita te, infrastructure kiningching tak leh student hoih pen pen te a nei uhi. A zir sung kia hilo in zir nung a sep nang leh sep sung a career bawl touh nang tan ah college hoih in hon pan pih thei hi.

MBA Post-Graduate course ahih ziak in Bachelor Degree khat ngai ahi (BA, B.Com, BSc, B.E. MBBS, LLB etc). Huaikia louin college tam zaw in graduation na ah minimum percentage cutoff a nei sek uh. (IIM te entrance exam, Common Admission Test 2007 ah general adin 50% ahia, SC/ ST adin 45% ahi).

MBA entrance exam le college a tam dung zui in tam pi a om hi. Huai te lak a min thang deu teng CAT, XAT, SNAP, JMET, MAT chih te khawng ahi. Exam teng stage nih/thum a om sek, amasapen written ahia, huaizawh Group Discussion leh Personal Interview in a zom.

Common Admission Test (CAT) kichi India a MBA entrance exam omte lak a minthang pen ahi. Hiai exam Indian Institute of Management (IIM) te nuai a kumteng a sai ahi. July kha in notification, national news paper te ah asuak zel a, August kha sung in application form bank khen khat te ah hawm ahi sek. Form te September kha in lak khawm ahia, November a Sunday nih na khawng in exam a om sek hi. Government institution ahih ziak in ST category a om te a din form man le akimkhat ahia, cutoff mark le hih niam ahi. December/ January kha in CAT result a suak a, mi khat in college tuam tuam a pat Group Discussion (GD) leh Personal Interview (PI) na di sapna muh theih ahi. GD/PI pen college teng in a tuam chiat in aki neih ua, sapna mu tam deuh ten GD/PI tam pi a teltheih ahi. March kha khawng in GD/PI neih ahia, April khabul in a ching te puankhiak ahi sek.

CAT written pen objective exam ahia, dawtna khat a tel di li le nga lak a dawnna dik khat om ahi. Khenpi thum a om sek a - English (Grammer), Quantitative (Basic Mathematics – Class 10 leh Class 12 level) leh Data interpretation (Logical reasoning). Competition sang mah mah ahia, mi 100 lak a 1 sang a tawm zaw aching uh. Kum 2005 in India pumpi ah mi 1.5 lacs vel a exam ua, 2007 in mi 2.5 lacs vel a exam uh. Result Percentile in a suak a, percentile chih theihsiamna din 90 percentile mu mi in exam teng teng te lak ah 90% te sangin mark a mu tam zaw a, exam teng teng lak a 10% te sangin mark a mu tawm zaw hi. Hiai ah le ST te a din relaxation a om ziak in a awlsam tuam mah mah.

Written exam a ching te Group Discussion (GD) leh Personal Interview (PI) adin sap ahi ua. College tuam tuam in GD/PI tuam a neih chiat ziak un, result mu hoih deuh ten mun tampi a tel thei uhi. Group discussion ahih le mi tam loin thupi khat nei a gen khawm ahia. A enkhetu, moderator a om zel hi. A thu te ahih le Poltical, Economical leh Social tawh kisai ahia, khawvel a thu tuam tuam a tel thei vek hi. Thupi bang hiam piak ahih chiang in ngaihdan ki kup khawmna ahih ziak in, ngaih dan hoih tak nei a kilawm tak a gen khe thei te adin mark muh theih ahi. GD zawh ahih chiang in PI in a zom ngal sek a, interview la din mi nih khawng a om sek uh. Interview ahih le thu tuam tuam ahi thei: siamsinna tawh kisai, sepna neita te adin huai lam bang, in le pianna khua thu, MBA zir ut na ziak bang ahi nuam mah mah hi. GD/PI zaw chiang in final result ngak ahia, huai ching te chu college ten admission process te a hilh sek uhi.

Entrance exam te ahih le selection process a part khat chauh ahi. Thil dang tam pi ten thu a pua mah mah hi. CAT 2007 dek in IIM Bangalore ten selection criteria a puan khiak na uah, Class 10, Class 12 leh Graduation lai a mark muh zah ten thu a paw mah mah hi (40% weightage apha zou zawzen). Huaiziak in CAT exam clear nang in school kailai apat panlak hoih a ngai mah mah hi.

MBA Entrance exam preparation na tawh kisai section nawn ah kon gelh nawn di.

Monday, April 21, 2008

MBA le nang - Part 1

Kha bang zah hiam paita in magazine article di dan a MBA tawh kisai thu gelh din kana kisa a. Hilele a rem lou a om ziak in ah publish theihlouh in a om nilouh a. Kana gelh khiak bang zah hiam a om a, zat nang om loua om sang in hiai kon post him him ahi. Ka gelh zawh nai louh ziak in a, part bangzah hiam kon suah dia. Asim ten honna ngai siam unlan, adang te gelh zel di kahi. Hiai anuai a kon post ahih leh apat na ahi.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) kichi tulai in a thang mah mah a. Bang hihiam chih le nang adin bang phatuam na om hiam chih i gen khawm di.

MBA ahih le Post Graduate course ahia, chi (flavor) tuam tuam tampi a om hi. Himah leh a minthang deuh pen ahih le kum nih sung full time course ahia, graduation stream khat peuh a zo te sin theih ahi. College zo phet a sin theih ahi na a, kum bang zah hiam sepna a neita ten le MBA zir to tampi a om uhi.

MBA college hoih tak apat zir zo te adin company hoih tak leh lawh hoih mah mah, khawvel mun tuam tuam a sep theih na lampi hon hong hi. Hiai ziak mah in tulai in MBA zir di mi a tam mah mah ta ua, competition a sang pet mah hi. MBA ahih le course thak ahi kei a, 1954 lam pek in FMS, tulai a MBA zirna lar mah mah, ana kipan ta a, IIM Calcutta bang 1961 in ana kipan hi. MBA ahong than mah mah ziak nih aom hi. Khatna ah, Indian economy liberalized ahih nung in international company ahong tam mah mah ua, huai a sem din MBA a pawimawh sem sem uhi. Anihna ahih le, Government ah sepna aki daih nawn kei a, lekhasiam tam pi te sepna mulo in a om ua, amau private company a sep hong ngai hi.

Indian economy akhang hat mah mah a, khawvel a gam khang hat pen pen te lak a khat ahi. Investment company minthang Goldman Sachs in study ana bawl na ah, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India leh China) gamte hong khang didan leh kum bang zah hiam nung a khawvel a gam hausa leh thupi pen pen te ahong hih didan uh chiang tak in ana gen hi. Hiai ahih le India ah multinational company leh private company pung deuh deuh di ahi. Huai kia hilouin, public sector company te bang privatization ziak in, government khut nuai a kep apat private company suah sak di thu a thang hi. Huai ahih le professionals tamsem pawimawh di ahia, MBA zoute bang deihna sang sem di ahi.

Tulai a MBA zoute atam zaw company lian leh hoih penpen te ah asem ua, college a kai sung mah mah un sepna di limchi tak tak a mu uhi. A sep chiang un le na pawimawh tak guan ahi ua, lawh mu tam pen pen te ahi uh. Thu chiangzaw maban a section te – MBA zir na di, MBA zir sung leh Sepna lam chihte aban ah hong om di hi.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I saw these words during my pre-university days back in Bangalore. I was walking to college on a sunny July morning in 1999. The words were written on a sticker pasted on the back of a white van. Since the area around was dominated by Muslims and a few mosques. I’m sure the owner was a devout Muslim.
It made me think and marvel at the Lord’s provision of prayer. It allowed anyone to just whisper a prayer in times of grief, sadness, joy or doubt. It was an instant message that would be answered immediately. Wherever you are and whenever you like you may have a direct contact with God. This line was never clogged, nor were there any annoying answering machine. I immediately made use of this unlimited facility and quietly thanked Him.
In this age of Mobile phones and the Internet, it is almost always possible to contact friends and family. However many times it so happens that the network was busy or down and it was not possible to get through to the other person. It is also required to pay for such a convenient service. Moreover it also depended upon whether the person on the other side was carrying the phone and his connection was complete. Thinking of all this complications, it made me wonder at the simplicity and greatness of prayer.
Prayer, as have been taught in Sunday-school is comparable to breathing. So a believer who does not pray is like a death man. How true. I feel dead in my spiritual life when I have not prayed to my God. The bible says ‘Pray without ceasing’ in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
So, I urge you to make use of this amazing gift from God. Please pray and see the results. You will be blessed by the one who never fails.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well begun is half done....

this is my first blog and i dont know wht shud i start with... maybe a proverb as a title will make it look 'mature'...

i have so many things on my mind right now... but its getting late and need to sleep early for catching the first bus tommorow... yes i travel by the 7.30 a.m. bus... though i have to catch it at just before 8... depends on the day of the week really.. monday and fridays the bus is a bit early.. rest of the weekdays they get late due to traffic...

its been how many months..hmm may 15th i joined IBM in 2007 so... today is 16th April 2008.. exactly 11 months and 1 day... not bad... getting used to the work life... it is so much different from the college days i was so familiar with... now its a circle of weekdays and weekends... longing for the weekends mostly

oh and yes i have been in bangalore for 11 months and 3 days... but i was in lamphel, imphal, manipur, north east india.... for the christmas, new year and my brothers marriage... i got a long 3 weeks vacation... it was hectic but it was great....

so wht have i done in these past 11 odd months... mostly getting used to office life... meeting deadlines... bitching about life in general with breaks... lunch breaks... making calls... answering credit card calls...etc....

and my weekends have been more hectic... with the ritual weekly visits to shopping malls... meeting frens in some new food joints... being in bangalore, the unofficial pub city of india.. i'm missing something here as i'm not very good in the drinking department... i'd rather spend my money on a nice cup of tea... (a very special one which i'll get into details in some later posts)... and yes weekends are the time for group meetings and church service... being part of the EBC and ZCF, i must admit its quite an event filled weekend everytime... and weekends are never a time of rest...

reminds me that i have to go to sleep now and wake up is still not the weekend... so will be positing some more things... not just about boring me... but anything under the universe.. like... religion, studies, drugs - opium, the internet, my tribe, famous personalities, celebrity talks, movies, music of the week, zogam, SSPP, life in delhi, mumbai, bangalore, Latur..etc, gadget reviews, my point of views on anything in life... and more!! thts siamspiration...